awesome choice of LIVE, TESTED & PROVEN Escape room designs. from real business owners! plus business Consultancy & Support.


What makes this Mission Design offer unique?

AWESOME game rooms

New & revolutionary games that raise the bar for the whole industry: for ex. Da Vinci’s Secret – a 90 minutes mission with 0 locks and a mind-blowing story, loved and praised by aficionados.
Impeccable flow: all puzzles are within the theme and everything fits perfectly. Plus we do valuable updates, part of the industry moving forward.


Being ourselves Escape Room Business OWNERS we know the challenges. Our core fields are around a guarantee, like proven by clients, easy implementation, good costs, viable in real life, tested in real life, support 24/7, ability to change the designs based on local inputs etc.
They are not simply the result of a designer’s imagination.

Business & Technical Consultancy & SUPPORT 24/7

We know the importance of having someone who you can count on. You can count on us. We have the necessary expertise – from the technical&design side to the business side – and we are sharing it to the best of our knowledge and beyond. Plus we are at your service with our full support almost 24/7 in every stage: before, during and after implementation.

Excelent Value & Profit for money

You can build or expand your business at a fraction of the costs of money and time, reducing also the risk of testing and it’s implications.
Typically, considering the average price and group sizes, you will get only in the first year an ROI of 600-1000%. Plus, all of our designs – though smart and complex – are very EASY TO IMPLEMENT, so we make your life easier.

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Have a theme in mind? Want more details?

What do YOU get?

Immersive story, integrated smart puzzles and happy customers!

What's in the package?

Awesome missions and games design that come in a complete, comprehensive and simply to implement form. You’ll have all the documentation for an easy and fast implementation ready, receiving: * design walk-through; * video walk-through; * list of all necessary materials, electrics, furniture – including pictures and links; * all needed printable materials – bilingual English and your native one (you’ll provide just the text of the translation). * audio tracks; * images. Plus our full support!

Some Room Design Examples

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